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Review of "Kill the Messenger" by Tami Hoag

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Kill the Messenger
by Tami Hoag


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Bike messenger Jace Damon is called to deliver one more message from a lawyer's office. It's late, but he accepts the job and takes off on his bike. The lawyer is a noted sleazy attorney who operates in Los Angeles. Jace is pumping fast through a less-than-stellar neighborhood to deliver the package when a car attempts to run him down. The car chases Jace through back alleys and finally someone in the car takes a shot at him.

Jace escapes and still has the package. He returns to the lawyer's office to find out what this was all about only to find the lawyer has been murdered. Jace is now on the run from the cops and the killers. It's the message that causes the problem, and Jace still has it.

This is exciting adventure from page one as we feel the fear and the sweat of a bicycle messenger who is fleeing for his life. There is much more to learn about Jace and about the lawyer as Hoag barrels you along an exciting mystery.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our September, 2004 issue.

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