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Review of "Perfect Pasta & Sauces" by Jean Pare

Perfect Pasta & Sauces
by Jean Pare

Companys Coming Pub Ltd
$16.99 Suggested Retail Price

Jean Pare shows us how to make splendid meals with the basic building blocks of Italian cuisine - pasta and sauce. She covers the basics - raviolis, lasagnas, linguinis, and tortellinis, but she expands the usual fare with great cheeses, spices, and meats to give you something new to present to your friends and family. Then you get to the good part - the sauces! There are dozens of different sauce recipes that really let you soar in the kitchen. There's a Thai Curry Sauce, a Tofu Pesto Sauce, a fun Fennel Orange Tomato Sauce, and many more. The recipes are jam-packed into this small spiral-bound cookbook, so each page is a new delight.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our September, 2008 issue.

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