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Review of "Cruising Has No Limits" by Lin Pardey~Larry Pardey

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Cruising Has No Limits
by Lin Pardey~Larry Pardey

Pardey Books
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Lynn and Larry Pardey take you with them on some of thier most exciting cruises in their 29 foot sailing ship, The Taleisin. Based in New Zealand, they travel to many different countries. From Africa to Brazil and back. If you've ever dreamed of sacking it all, buying a boat and head out to sea, this video will show you what it would be like to travel for weeks or months at a time. They meet many different people who graciously share their homes and their stories. Their African 4x4 Safari is the highlight of the DVD, and is filled with jaw-dropping scenes. It's a thoroughly entertaining show. Larry Pardee is the author of many marine books, so he makes a great guide.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2008 issue.

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