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Review of "Rebel Without Borders" by Marc Vachon, FranCois Bugingo

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Rebel Without Borders
by Marc Vachon, FranCois Bugingo

Ecw Press
$24.95 Suggested Retail Price

Author Marc Vachon takes us into the Third World where organizations like Doctors Without Borders do their best to alleviate suffering. This is the story of the missions of aid workers from all over the world to trouble spots in Africa and the Middle East. We see the troubles these destitute people face from poverty to insurrections that leave them homeless, starving, and often plagued with diseases that would be trivial in any developed country. It's a brutal story that lays bare the problems the aid workers face in dealing with governments and warring factions. When all we see on television are places where US troops are stationed, its easy to forget about these people. This book reminds us that most of our own problems originate in places we don't see until its nearly too late to do anything about it.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2008 issue.

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