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Review of "Fade Away" by Harlan Coben

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Fade Away
by Harlan Coben

Delacorte Press
$22.00 Suggested Retail Price

This re-release of the third in the Myron Bolitar series finds the sports agent and former FBI Agent drawn back into the world of basketball. His arch-rival from college, Greg Downing, a player on the New Jersey Dragons professional basketball team, is missing and the team's owner is so anxious to find him before the press gets wind of his disappearance that he offers to sign Myron up as a player to let him investigate the whole mess. The mystery takes Myron back to the worst day of his life when his knee was injured so badly that it ended his dream of a basketball career before it even started, and the worst regret of his life - an affair with a freind's wife.

Myron uncovers a woman's body in Greg's basement, which leads him down a sordid path of gamblers and crooks, and ultimately a second murder. The dialog seems a bit dated now, but it adds a bit of spice to the gritty mystery. It's a bit too over-the-top with machismo for my taste, and Myron's personal demons bog things down here and there, but its still a fine mystery that keeps its secrets to the very end.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2008 issue.

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