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Review of "The Talented Clementine" by Sara Pennypacker

The Talented Clementine image
The Talented Clementine
by Sara Pennypacker

Hyperion Book CH
$4.99 Suggested Retail Price

Clementine is a third-grader who thinks that teachers just don't make sense. She becomes convinced of this when her teacher announces that the third and fourth grade classes will be putting on a talent show and refers to this news as "exciting". Well, Clementine didn't think it was exciting. It scared her to death because she didn't think she had a talent, especially when she compared herself to her nearly-perfect friend Margaret. Throughout the book she tries very hard to create an act she can perform in the show, and she grows ever more nervous as the night of the show approaches. Fortunately, desperation turns into discovery and all ends well. This is a charming book told in the voice of a young girl in the language of kids. I know exactly how Clementine felt. In my case, the best friend's name was Mark. We went through grade school and high school together, and thirty years later he's still nearly-perfect, the swine! Not to worry, he's also still a good friend.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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