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Review of "Son of Man" by Robert Silverberg

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Son of Man
by Robert Silverberg

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Robert Silverberg proves once again that his imagination remains unmatched in science fiction. "Son of Man" tells the tale of a man named Clay who is swept up in a time-rift and transported to the distant future where he sees how man has evolved into a variety of forms over the eons, starting with the dominant Skimmers who teach him about the true nature of Man.

This seems a very philosophical book that is rich in detail and emotion as we follow Clay's exploration of the world in which he finds himself. There are many life-lessons juxtaposed with colorful descriptions of a planet that seems very distant from Earth. It's fascinating to follow Clay using the wonderful descriptions created by Silverberg. He truly is a master storyteller.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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