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Review of "The Garden of Evil" by David Hewson

The Garden of Evil image
The Garden of Evil
by David Hewson

Delacorte Press
$24.00 Suggested Retail Price

Set in modern Italy, this new thriller begins when police find two bodies in an artist's studio in Rome where an eerie painting by Caravaggio depicts bizzare scenes of violence. Clues left by the killer lead Detective Nic Costa on a search through the bowels of The Eternal City. It's a puzzle solving mystery worthy of Inspector Morse, woven into the exotic world of Rome's ancient past, with a secret nearly 400 years old is embedded in a priceless work of art.

David Hewson's second novel is a brilliant work, with fascinating characters whom we follow through the rich history of Rome. The story is filled with decidedly gruesome scenes that keep the chill running up your back the way your favorite mysteries do. It's always such a treat to read books as well-woven and lavishly conveys the environment and the emotions of the characters.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2008 issue.

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