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Review of "Moonpowder" by John Rocco

Moonpowder image
by John Rocco

Hyperion Book CH
$15.99 Suggested Retail Price

This gorgeous picture book tells the story of Eli Treebuckle, a young boy who loves to fix things. He works on fixing the radio and the vaccuum cleaner, and anything else to keep his mind off his father who has gone off to war. But Eli hasn't been sleeping well because he keeps having the same nightmare. Late one night when he couldn't sleep, he decided to work on his design for a rocket-helicopter. While busily working, he's visited by Mr. Moon who asks him to help fix the Moonpowder factory so that people can have sweet dreams again.

It's a fantastic journey that's slightly reminiscent of Jack Armstrong the All-American Boy. Eli has an enormous imagination and his world is filled with visions of exciting and elaborate inventions. The amazing illustrations by author John Rocco make this book a real treasure and a great gift for any child with a parent in the service.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our June, 2008 issue.

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