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Review of "Most Loved Summertime Desserts" by Company's Coming

Most Loved Summertime Desserts image
Most Loved Summertime Desserts
by Company's Coming

Jean Pare'
$24.99 Suggested Retail Price

Just in time for those steamy summer afternoons and evenings comes this collection of the best summertime desserts from Company's Coming's archives. This elegant hardcover cookbook has some real diet-busters, but they come in such delightful combinations of pies and cakes that you just can't resist them. You'll find some old favorites, of course, but there are lots of great recipes that you don't see all the time, too. I love chocolate, and there's lots of ideas that include it, but the recipe that I really wanted to try was called "Broken Glass" which is a cream pie filled with little cubes of fruit-flavored gelatin that looks something like a mosaic - all on a graham cracker crust. Sounds very light and sweet - just perfect to top off that meal from the backyard grill. This is a cookbook you'll want to have handy until the leaves turn.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our June, 2008 issue.

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