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Review of "Compulsion" by Jonathan Kellerman

Compulsion image
by Jonathan Kellerman

Random House Audio
Audio CD
$44.95 Suggested Retail Price

Criminal psychologist Alex Deleware is called on once again to assist LAPD detective Milo Sturgis when a series of women are murdered. The cases don't immediately appear to be related, but the clues start to pile up. It starts with a blood stain in a stolen car and quickly starts to cascade down a path that leads to the well-heeled executives in the biggest financial institutions and paralells with the seemier side of prostitution.

This isn't one of Kellerman's better efforts. The plot sort of meanders its way through the middle of the book before things start to pick up. We see precious little of these characters' lives beyond the job in this novel. The best part of the book is when they solve the mystery of a young boy who had gone missing many years ago. Still, Kellerman fans will want to give this audiobook a listen if only to keep up with Alex Delaware. Ably read by actor John Rubenstein (why do they always leave "Crazy Like A Fox" out of his credits? I loved that show!).

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our June, 2008 issue.

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