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This family movie seemed to have every chance of being another saccharine Disney kids flick, but surprised everyone when it turned out to be, well, enchanting. Its the story of Princess Giselle (Amy Adams), who lives in storybookland where life is beautiful and the world is filled with her animal friends. She is betrothed to Prince Edward (James Marsden), a bit of a dolt, whose mother, the wicked Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), is plotting to prevent the marriage. Narissa lures Giselle into falling down into a magic well from which she emerges up through a manhole cover in the middle of New York City. Lost in a strange land where people are decidedly unfriendly, Giselle is desparately seeking her way home and is sure that Edward is searching for her. She meets attorney Robert Phillip (Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey) who takes pity on the poor girl whose so obviously out of her depth in the midst of Manhattan. The hilarity ensues when Robert takes Giselle home to his apartment to watch his daughter or they can watch each other, but disaster strikes when Robert's own fiancee arrives the next morning to discover Giselle dressed in a bedsheet.

But this is a full-blown musical comedy, and the Disney-esque songs from veteran composer Alan Menkin keep things hopping with full production numbers reminiscent of the old MGM musicals of 50 years ago. Amy Adams gives a charming performance as the Cinderella-like princess who talks to the birds and other creatures, an enchanted CGI-animated chipmunk from Storybookland in particular who gets the best laughs. Susan Saradon gets to strut her stuff as the wicked Queen, who's delightfully evil. Patrick Dempsey is the perfect regular-guy foil for the fairy-tale princess. If there's still anything of the kid in you, you'll love "Enchanted". It's funny, lighthearted fun.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our March, 2008 issue.

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