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Foyle's War: Set 4

Acorn Media
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Michael Kitchen is back as DC Foyle, for the fourth season of the story of the English countryside of Hastings in World War II. The series begins with "The Invasion", when the Yanks first arrive to build an airfield near Hastings. Their reception is not entirely welcoming, as there is widespread resentment of the American's late arrival to the fight, their rowdy and randy young men who prey on the young women, and their wealth of creature comforts in the midst of the strict rationing that the English had to endure since the late 1930's when the War began. Tensions between the Brits and the Americans come to a head when a young barmaid is discovered strangled at a dance thrown by the Americans. Naturally, the locals all assume that one of the young American flyers who had been dating the young girl is responsible. But the stoic and brilliantly logical Foyle focuses on the evidence and follows the trail to the true killer.

If you're tired of the panderingly grisly, greedy, and depraved plots of most American police dramas, you'll find the Foyle's War stories a refreshing return to pure detective work. The stories bring home the realities of war that the Brittish faced during World War II, when the outcome was still very much in doubt and their very existence was truly in peril. Michael Kitchen's brilliant performance as Foyle shows the emotions of a father with a son who's a fighter pilot in the RAF, and a man devoted to his country, but who never allows his emotions to overtake him. Also back are Sgt. Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) and Foyle's driver Samantha Stewart (the cute as a button Honeysuckle Weeks) who add to the richness of the stories.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2008 issue.

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