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Review of "The Expansion of Consciousness" by Ralph Metzner

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The Expansion of Consciousness
by Ralph Metzner

Regent Press
$20.00 Suggested Retail Price

Dr. Ralph Metzner discusses the relationship between consciousness and spirituality in history. As our perception of the two has evolved, the importance of the individual's perception of reality and non-reality guides us to an understanding of ourselves and others. He starts with the teachings of the Church in the Middle Ages and proceeds to bring in more contemporary philosophers like Jung and psychologists like Freud in order to show this evolution.

When he comes to the modern world, the book takes a close look at the role of consciousness expanding drugs and how the social transformations of the 1960s has had an impact on today's society. It's difficult to give such ideas any credibility in light of the desctruction that such drugs have wreaked on so many people who used them. While there are certainly people who can use such drugs recreationally and have done so for extended periods, the truth is that there is no reliable evidence that the practice has significantly enhanced our understanding of the universe or the spirit of man.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2008 issue.

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