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Review of "The Martian General's Daughter" by Theodore Judson

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The Martian General's Daughter
by Theodore Judson

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We find ourselves two centuries in the future when a nanotech plague threatens the technology that supports the great Pan-Polarian Empire. The old Emperor is dead and his weakling son Luke Anthony has siezed power. General Peter Black, our hero, is ever-loyal to the Empire despite his misgivings about Luke who is becoming a tyrant. With the plague spreading, the Empire is starting to disintegrate - almost literally, and General Black faces a terrible decision. As war breaks out among several factions, should he support the Emperor or fight for his lifelong friend and the only family he's ever known.

Judson tells his story through the voice of General Black's daughter - a literary technique not often used in science fiction. The title suggests something of a throwback to classic science fiction, but it's all up to date. A very satisfying, albeit grim, tale of justice, honor, loyalty, and valor.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2008 issue.

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