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Review of "Demolition Angel" by Robert Crais

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Demolition Angel
by Robert Crais

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Here is an exciting story about bombs and the people who must deal with them. Carol Starky used to be on the LAPD Bomb Squad until a bomb blew up in her face. Her lover and fellow Bomb Squad member was killed. Now Carol is a bitter, chain-smoking alcoholic. She has been assigned to the LAPD Department of Criminal Conspiracy. The story begins with a bomb going off while one of Carol's old Bomb Squad friends was working to defuse it. Taking credit for the bomb is a mysterious character who calls himself "Mr. Red", and is a hero on a secret Internet website that was set up for other bomber wannabe's. Red is incensed that the cops think he killed the bomb squad members. He didn't. It's a copycat bombing and Red sets out to get the false bomber.

Lots of twists and turns in this very tightly constructed novel. Carol is facing her own impossible dreams about the bomb that killed her lover and, in fact, killed her for a few minutes, too. She works with a FBI agent who is both a liar and at the same time, a romantic interest.

Lots of bomb-makeing and defusing information here, and the problems faced by the people who are part of a demolition squad.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our October, 2000 issue.

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