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Review of "What Matters Most" by Luanne Rice

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What Matters Most
by Luanne Rice

Random House Audio
Audio CD
$29.95 Suggested Retail Price

Romance writer Luanne Rice returns to form with "What Matters Most". Its the story of two characters from her novel "Sandcastles", Tom Kelley and Sister Bernadette who have returned to Ireland to find their son whom they had left behind some 23 years ago following a torrid affair that was the start of it all. Their son, Seamus Sullivan, who lives in Dublin is on his own quest. He's searching for the first and only true love, Kathleen Murphy. The two had grown up together in an orphanage until Kathleen's parents reclaimed her and took her back to America.

It's a tear-jerker of the first order, but I'm a "silly love songs" kind of guy and a sucker for a happy ending... even a slightly implausible one. Don't worry. If you liked "Sandcastles", you'll enjoy this audiobook. Reader Blair Brown's ("The Days And Nights of Molly Dodd") gentle tones draw you into the story and keep you on the edge of tears.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our April, 2008 issue.

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