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The Portable Writer's Conference: Your Guide to Getting Published

Quill Driver Books
$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

Although there are probably more than enough books that purport to help the budding author get published, here's one more for you to consider. Editor Stephen Blake Mettee gets down to the nuts and bolts when it comes to helping you with your writing. Topics include "How To Write Short Stories That Sell", "How To Write Love Scenes That Sizzle", and "What Makes A Plot Work". There's also industry isider advice on how to find a literary agent, and how to write a book proposal. In browsing thorugh this book, I was struck by how practical the advice offered was for any writer. Proper use of cliche's, avoiding plot pitfalls, and much more. I was truly impressed with the tight focus on the task at hand - creating written work for the marketplace. Comprehensive without being too broad to be useful, and thoroughly palatable reading.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our April, 2008 issue.

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