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Brother Bear

Disney Home Video
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Far away in the cold North West we meet the main bear in this tale. His name is Kenai. that's pronounce Keen Eye. Kenai has just been given his totem medallion to wear. It mean love. Kenai's brother has just been killed by a bear and he has vowed to revenge him and find his bothers soul.

Suddenly Kenai is changed into a bear himself. He meet a small bear named Koda and together they are searching for Koda's mom. Other characters' they meet along the way are two funny moose who play the comedy relief.

It's a slow and a beautiful story. The rugged scenery is beautiful. This one will delight smaller children who will learn a lesson of love and enjoy themselves doing it. The bears are cute. The moose are funny. The adventures are exciting and the ending is cool.

All and all it's a sweet story and you can't go wrong with a Disney story for the young folks. You will enjoy watching it once with the kids and they will love seeing it again and again.

The package contains two discs with a lot of extras. There are other opinions and comments by the two moose. You will see deleted scenes. There are two games to play and a sing-a-long just for fun. This is a safe buy for the kids in your house or those who visit.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our July, 2004 issue.

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