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Review of "Good Luck Duck" by Jim Weiss

Good Luck Duck
by Jim Weiss

Greathall Productions
Audio CD
$14.95 Suggested Retail Price

Another children's book resurrected by Jim Weiss and Great Hall Productions. Good Luck Duck is the story of a young boy named Timothy who lives with his parents in a quiet valley. Timothy and his parents go to the State Fair and Timothy where Timothy wins a duck! The duck turns out to be a fascinating animal, and he introduces Timothy to all kinds of different creatures he had never considered before. Each episode has a fairy tale quality and includes a moral. Originally written in 1950 by Meindert Dejong, this is another wonderful audiobook for children from Great Hall that concerned parents will want to share. Available directly from the publisher at http://www.greathall.com/.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our October, 2007 issue.

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