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Review of "Black's Beach Shuffle" by Corey Lynn Fayman

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Black's Beach Shuffle
by Corey Lynn Fayman

iUniverse, Inc.
$13.95 Suggested Retail Price

Poor Rolly Waters is one of those people who never really caught on in life. He's still trying to make it as a guitar player with a rock-and-roll band, but he also works as a private eye part time to pay the bills. One night, after playing a gig for a booming Internet company in a mansion near the ocean in San Diego, he discovers a dead body floating in the pool. He flees the scene and it looks like he made a clean getaway. But the next day an old school chum who's latched on with the same Internet company hires him to find "a key". Only this is a special kind of electronic key that unlocks the company's crown jewels that are safely locked away in their computer. There's a steady stream of people who threaten Rolly, and a knock-out of a girl that he just can't figure out. It makes for a fast-paced thriller, and a fun read, even if the pay-off wasn't a complete surprise.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our March, 2008 issue.

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