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Review of "Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels" by Cindy Kleh

Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels image
Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels
by Cindy Kleh

Firefly Books
$16.95 Suggested Retail Price

Growing up in Minnesota, I enjoyed sledding and skating, but I never got into skiing, and snowboarding was after my time. So I can't comment on the true quality of the instructions given by author Cindy Kleh. What I can tell you is that this book is obviously written by someone who knows the sport inside out. Kleh begins with the basics of equipment and exercising drills to get you in shape before you head for the slopes as well as warm-ups to do just before the fun begins. There are lessons for beginners and those with intermediate skills. Each section has lots of photographs and step-by-step illustrations that make it easy to follow. Many sections have small quotes from famous snowboarders who pass on their insights into learning the sport. I'm sure that anyone who wants to learn about snowboarding will find this book well worth reading.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our February, 2008 issue.

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