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Review of "The Alibi Man" by Tami Hoag

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The Alibi Man
by Tami Hoag

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Popular mystery writer Tami Hoag gives us another excellent mystery with unofficial (ie. unlicensed) P.I. Elena Estes, the former undercover Palm Beach cop. Elena finds the body of her friend Irina Markova floating in a canal. Irina was a horse groom, and she and Elena work together at a stable owned by one Sean Avadon. Elena's ex-boyfriend Detective James Landry is assigned to the case. The prime suspect is a wealthy Palm Beach badboy named Bennett Walker. Elena once testified against Walker in a rape trial 20 years ago, but Walker beat the rap back then. It turns out the Walker is a member of a group of rich playboy-types called "The Alibi Club" who, as you've no doubt guessed, provide alibis for each other as the need arises. The plot thickens when a Russian mobster pressures Elena to find Irina's killer. Its an intriguing pot boiler that lets you jeer the indolent rich villains while you suffer through Elena's inner demons.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our February, 2008 issue.

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