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Review of "The Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place" by Greta Gaard

The Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place image
The Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place
by Greta Gaard

University of Arizona Press
$17.95 Suggested Retail Price

Greta Gaard takes on a naturalist's journey of hiking and mountain climbing while simultaneously examining the world she faces as a bisexual, and how old traditional methods that societies have used to measure the worth of people have changed as America has been changed by an influx of immigrants from the most incongruous of backgrounds. Leaning heavily on her relationship with Nature, Gaard's self-examination leads her to try to recapture some of the life-goals she'd compromised on for the security she got through her work at universities, only to come to realize that her search was for a place she could call home.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our November, 2007 issue.

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