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The Bourne Ultimatum

Universal Studios
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Jason Bourne is not free of the CIA yet. We pick him up in Moscow where we left him in "The Bourne Supremacy". He's searching for the CIA executive who was responsible for killing his girlfriend in the previous episode. He succeeds, but finds himself the target of the clandestine section within The Company headquartered in New York that does dirty deeds like renditions and assasinations led by Deputy Director Noah Vosen. This section was also in charge of Treadstone, the program that created him in the first place.

After infiltrating the New York office, Bourne meets Dr. Albert Hirsch, the man who recruited him into the program and erased his memory. Notable performances by Albert Finney as Dr. Hirsch and David Strathairn as Noah Vosen, and Scott Glenn as DCI Ezra Kramer. Outstanding work by Joan Allen who returns as Pamela Landy, the stallwart agent who doesn't quite believe that Bourne is the real threat, and also by Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons, the young operative we met in Berlin. Finally, of course, Matt Damon succeeds in making this a thriller that grabs you by the throat and never lets go.

Billed as the final installment in the trilogy, "The Bourne Ultimatum" answers many questions and has a big splash of a finish that leaves the door open for another episode someday.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our January, 2008 issue.

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