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Poirot - The Complete Collection

A & E Home Video

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Although I know I have seen all of these episodes before, either on the PBS series Mystery! or on A&E Television, I am usually blessed with no memory of the solutions. This makes each of the adventures almost like new for me. It must be the British accents or something, because I never tire of Hercule. I mostly admire the perfection of David Suchet's performance. He assumes his role as the prissy Belgian detective with perfection.

One of the mysteries is called "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd." In this one, Poirot has retired and is puttering in his garden. His neighbor is murdered, and Inspector Japp (Phillip Jackson) draws Poirot into a new adventure. When he begins to investigate the household of the murdered man, everyone looks suspicious. Our hero will straighten it all out and bring the villain to justice. Another of the tales in this set brings Poirot back to London where he meets and is enchanted by a famous actress. She talks him into visiting her husband to try to convince him to agree to a divorce. The husband is murdered before Hercule can try to meet with him.

There are some wonderful new characters that appear in each of the episodes, and I enjoy the regular members of Hercules' companions, Captain Hastings and Poirot's secretary Miss Lemon.

Then there are the extras that have really sold me on changing to DVD. Cast interviews and commentaries are especially fruitful in adding to the enjoyment of these programs.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2004 issue.

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