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Review of "2084" by Chris Durer

2084 image
by Chris Durer

Ivy House Publishing Group
$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

Here's a nightmare for you. It's 2084 and the United States has become a neo-theocracy headed by Supreme Court Justice Everett Huston. Civil rights are nearly gone and its up to a small group of rebels to fight for freedom.

You'd be wrong to assume this is a common sci-fi scenario, or simplistic thriller. Durer's prose has a cultural depth that escapes so much modern literature. We see subtleties in the villains and flaws in the heroes. The questions raised in this story are certainly among those we should be asking ourselves in these days of fear and tension. But there's no preaching here. It's a story of people as much as principles, and it's an enriching look at the precipice we seem to be careening toward.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our April, 2007 issue.

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