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Review of "Miss Marple 2" by Agatha Christie

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Miss Marple 2
by Agatha Christie

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I know that we all greeted Geraldine McEwan, the new Miss Marple on PBS' Mystery! with some trepidation during the first season. We loved that flamboyant artist who played the part in British films and we settled for the mild manner of the original television Mystery series. Now we have someone new. She is very skilled and an actress that has distingue herself in British television previously in a variety of rolls and styles. Now she comes in the form of a tiny, version of the country wise lady who listens and solves the mysteries that seem to follow her everywhere. Our newest Miss Marple has a grim that is infectious and more relatives and friends that we can count. She gets embroiled in all of the Christie mysteries and she solves them to everyone’s satisfactory in her own style. The point here is that McEwan is a delight to watch. She has the mannerisms of this famous lady down to her walk and her narrow grin. She appears to solve the mysteries as all of the famous sleuths of fiction, by carefully putting two and two together. She is quetly doing this math and avoids stepping on many a toe of the police who sometimes appreciate her help. It is with delight I say that I believe Geraldine McEwan to be perhaps the best of the many prior actresses who became Jane Marple for us. This is a fine collection to own.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our August, 2006 issue.

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