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Review of "The Rubber Band" by Rex Stout, Michael Prichard

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The Rubber Band
by Rex Stout, Michael Prichard

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This is another unabridged work from legendary author Rex Stout, read to us by Michael Pritchard who is now familiar to fans as the voice of Nero Wolfe's wise-cracking aide, Archie Goodwin. We all know through Archie that the rotund detective Nero Wolfe loves to eat gourmet meals and that he fanatically raises orchids as a hobby. Also that he dosent like to leave his home. This mystery takes us far afield for the first time from Wolfe's usual New York environs as the detective investigates murder of a British Peer. It is all connected in the Wild West lynching in this country. Their client this time is a woman, and of course she is beautiful. At stake is a million dollars and the peril of another murder.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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