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Review of "If Death Ever Slept" by Rex Stout

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If Death Ever Slept
by Rex Stout

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I am always up for a Nero Wolf mystery tale. Michael Pritchard is also the best reader for these famous stories about the reclusive and unwieldy master detective called Nero Wolf. As is usual the story is told by Wolfs assistant and secretary, Archie Goodwill. Archie is Wolf’s legman because Wolf doesn’t like to leave his home or his orchid collection. This time millionaire Ottis Jarrell want to hire Wolf to prove that his daughter-in-law is no good or as he says, “a double crossing snake”.

Arichie volunteers to pretend he is Jarrell’s private secretary to obtain information from inside this eclectic family. While Archie is doing this one of the associates of the family is murdered. The game has turned serious and Nero Wolfe lends a hand to study the clue and come up with a solution.

This is another unabridged gem of Stout's famous detective that is perfectly put to audio, read with amazing skills by Michael Pritchard.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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