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Review of "Dead Watch" by John Sandford

Dead Watch image
Dead Watch
by John Sandford

Putnam Adult
$26.95 Suggested Retail Price

The author of the excellent tales that have the word "Prey" in the titles moves into a different title. As is usual for him he is able to bring an adventure mystery to us that have all of the elements that the listener is looking for. There is murder, and passion mixed in with ambition. In a word it is a political thriller. After giving us some twenty novels of unending adventure Sandford has turned to a new cast and an even more compelling tale. The adventure begins with a woman whose husband is a former U.S. senaator. He is missing and she is on the run. Next we meet a man named Winter who is an Army Intelligence veteran. He is going to turn over rock and clean out the bottom side until he finds the truth. He is in a rush because all hell is about to break loose.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2010 issue.

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