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Review of "NNNNN : A Novel" by Carl Reiner

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NNNNN : A Novel
by Carl Reiner

Simon & Schuster
$21.00 Suggested Retail Price

Here we have a delightful audiotape. You cannot beat the humor of Carl Reiner, and this tale will let you know that he is still going strong. In this novel, writer Nat Noland is working on his fifth book. This book is his own take on Genesis. As he investigates and writes about Cain and Abel he begins to think about his own relationships. As he talks to him, he gets more heated and his voice becomes louder and now he is speaking in two different voices. His wife becomes quite concerned and talks him into seeing a famous psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Frucht. From here on the complications and the problem just multiply. I assure you that there never is a dull minute in this tale and it is filled with enough nonsense to give the listeners a lot of giggles.

Carl Reiner, famed for his work on Sid Ceaser's "Your Show of Shows", creating "The Dick Van Dyke Show", and winner of the famous Mark Twain award, reads this novel and that makes the whole experience perfect.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2006 issue.

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