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Review of "The Maple Syrup Book" by Janet Eagleson, Rosemary Hasner

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The Maple Syrup Book
by Janet Eagleson, Rosemary Hasner

Boston Mills Press
$24.95 Suggested Retail Price

Me and Pooh love to be sticky with syrup. Here is a cookbook that is filled with ideas and recipes. You have to use the real thing, too. None of this "artificial flavoring" nonsense!

The authors tells us all about the history of delicious maple syrup. They also tell you that authentic maple syrup is now quite rare. You will learn how maple syrup is made, as well as how the syrup is processed and graded, and what maple trees look like. You could learn how to tap your own tree and make your own syrup. I don't think I'll try that, but you might. The authors also tell us that the syrup is full of vitamins and that it comes in many flavors when you buy it.

By the time you get to the recipes you are ready and hungry. Maple Caramel Corn looks possible and sounds like a tasty treat. Of all the tasty ideas I want to try Maple Dressing on my salad…Wow! There are more to tempt any palate but treat this book first as educational and then fattening.

P. S. It's a good opportunity to teach yourself a little about the metric equivalents to standard measures and turn them into liters, etc.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our April, 2006 issue.

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