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Review of "The Hanged Man's Song" by John Sandford

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The Hanged Man's Song
by John Sandford

Putnam Berkley Audio

$29.95 Suggested Retail Price

Sanford's well-known "Prey" series gets a rest. This time, the popular author has brought back a couple of popular characters called Kidd and LuEllen. Kidd is a pro-criminal. He is an expert on the computers as well as an artist. LuEllen is his sometime-lover. Kidd has a cyber-friend named Bobby who has vanished from his screen. Kidd finds Bobby dead when he goes looking for him, bashed on the head with his laptop computer missing. Kidd knows that this is not good. The laptop contains a lot of dangerous secrets about Kidd and his friends. Now he knows that he and LuEllen must find out who killed Bobby and who has the laptop. Then some of the secrets come out, and they are much more damaging then Kidd could imagine.

John Sanford is a most capable author of suspense and mystery. Having this plot read to you is a treat for longtime fans and those who have yet to be chilled to the bone by Sanford.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2004 issue.

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