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Review of "Magic Terror" by Peter Straub, Ron Mclarty, Beth MacDonald

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Magic Terror
by Peter Straub, Ron Mclarty, Beth MacDonald

Random House Audio

$39.95 Suggested Retail Price

Straub who wrote GHOST STORY among other scary tales gives us one of the most unsettling story collections to hear. "Bunny in Good Bread" takes us into the mind of a small boy to show us how a serial killer is created. "Hunger" is a tale told to us by the ghost of a murderer where we are shown that life on earth is beautiful but which is only really appreciated by the dead. "Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff" is a black comedy of revenge. Mrs. Asch is the fearless guide who takes us into an unknown country in the feature story, "Ashputtle."

Ron McClarty is a familiar face from films and Broadway. He takes us through these Straub tales in just the correct voice form.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2000 issue.

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