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Review of "The Letter of the Law" by Tim Green, Keith Szarabajka

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The Letter of the Law
by Tim Green, Keith Szarabajka

Warner Adult

$24.98 Suggested Retail Price

Casey Jordan is an attorney. Her former teacher Eric Lipton has been accused in the brutal murder of one of his young students. The professor is caught on his way to the airport with incriminating evidence in his possession. He expects that Casey can work her magic in the courtroom and inject enough doubt in the mind of the jury to save him. This is a dream case for Casey but soon she has to decide whether to uphold her legal oath to protect her client or to join forces with an obsessed father who demands justice. More bodies turn up and Casey realizes that she could be next. Lots of suspense and danger here.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our December, 2000 issue.

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