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Review of "The Prometheus Deception" by Robert Ludlum, Frank Muller

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The Prometheus Deception
by Robert Ludlum, Frank Muller

Audio Renaissance

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Ludlum is a great writer to listen to, and when it is as well read as it is by Muller you can look for hours of interest. This story is about Nicholas Bryson who was a top deep-cover operative for a branch of the CIA. He retired to become a college professor with a new identity. Now it is five years later, and the CIA want his help to shut down the special branch which has turned out to have used Bryson against his own country.

Bryson's skills are rusty and he no longer knows who to trust from his old days. He doesn't even know why someone is trying to assassinate him. Ties to the worldwide increase of terrorism are a possible angle of this plot that takes the reader to the Mideast, Europe, Russia and China into the heart of a world of murder where nothing is what it seems. Even Bryson's wife is suspect.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our March, 2001 issue.

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