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Review of "Microsoft Word for Grannies" by Javad Saffazadeh

Microsoft Word for Grannies image
Microsoft Word for Grannies
by Javad Saffazadeh

JS Computer Center

$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

Javad Saffazadeh has been teaching computer courses since 1984. He is the president of the JS Computer Center. His books begin by telling the so-called "Grannies" not to panic and to be patient. You will make mistakes and it is best not to continue until know what you just did.

With these books seniors will find it easier to know what you did wrong because you will be taught the correct way. Almost simple are the instructions and information contained in the books. Although the author tells us that "Nobody is a dummy," many grannies still believe it. A little clear talking is always appreciated by the oldsters that are beginning to use the computer to keep in touch with their grown-up kids and grandkids. I have a friend that wanted a computer because that is all she wanted to do. Her family is extensive and now she began e-mailing even the great-grandchildren. As soon as she found out how to do that, she began to learn about sending pictures around the family, and of course, on to taking digital photos herself. Then computer games entered her life and shopping on-line. Well, that all leads on to even more use of her computer. I gave her these books and she loves them.

Despite the youthful appearance of the "Grannies" on the cover of these manuals, many grannies are much older and just as smart and interested in everything from sending EMails to keeping financial information and who-knows-what else.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our May, 2001 issue.

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