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Review of "In an Evil Time" by Bill Pronzini

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In an Evil Time
by Bill Pronzini

Walker & Company

$23.95 Suggested Retail Price

Bill Pronzini has written more than 50 novels and has received many awards. I became a fan when I first read his novel about his fictional hero "The Nameless Detective". I hope he will return to this detective who has never been named but always takes us on an exciting adventure in San Francisco.

This time out, the major character is Angela Hollis, a woman whose husband David has become abusive and violent. Angela's dad decides to protect his daughter by murdering her husband, who has been stalking Angela ever since she divorced him. As he puts together a plan he believes to be foolproof, the husband vanishes. The father finds the abuser dead on the floor of his home. He believes that the daughter/wife might have done the deed, so he hides the body. Angela, who has been in hiding, returns and begins to feel safe again. Then the father receives a letter that only says, "What did you do with the body?"

The mystery weaves together a psychological study and a tale filled with suspicions. A swell who-dun-it for thriller fans.

Rainbo Electronic Reviews published this review in our June, 2001 issue.

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